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CRM Benefits In B2B Marketplace Platform

Many companies in B2B marketplace platform continue to develop traditional marketing strategies with an emphasis on the permanent renewal of their products, invest large sums of money in the technological updating of their plants and equipment, Each day more professional and spare no effort to attract the best sellers of their competitors.

The opening of new sales areas is permanent and participation in fairs and events forces them to invest heavily without the return is very evident. However, the solution is much closer to what most companies believe in understanding the behavior of their customers to identify untapped opportunities.

  1. Effective Control

Through the registration in the application of all contacts with customers in the country, obtaining prospects, processing and sending orders to the logistics center, sending catalogs, attention to requests or complaints from customers; Everything is managed in real time through the information system.

With the use of the tool they have achieved an effective control of the sellers, there is less wear and tear in the writing of written sales reports, daily meetings that do not add value are eliminated; And there is a greater satisfaction of the sales force that accepts the arrival of technology as a strong impetus for improvement in the management of customers by the company.

  1. Generation of new income

Through the implementation of a CRM platform, this company achieved big revenues, allowing them to offer services that they did not previously offer and to charge for them, generating additional revenues.

They have achieved with the fulfillment of their promises of service and the willingness of their employees, that the customer feels grateful and happy to pay for them. They have designed a model of communication with customers that is so close and well monitored that the customer perceives them as an efficient, organized company that is aware of the details and errors to correct them.

And this makes all the difference to achieve customer preference in B2B marketplace.

  1. Development of complementary services

This company implemented service strategies that generated revenue through offers such as:

  • Scheduled preventive maintenance for new equipment. Almost all of its competitors sell the machines and leave the responsibility for maintenance to the purchasing company.
  • In the maintenance work, they discover premature wear in some parts. The manipulation of the machines by the operators generates small damages, which leads to sales of spare parts (not counting the gratitude of the customer for lengthening the useful life of the machines).
  • Direct mail on technological innovations in machines. One-to-one relationship activities that have created a favorable image among customers (this information is now addressed not only to the business executives of the companies as it was before, but to the Managers General and the area of ​​production of their clients).
  • Immediate response in repair and replacement parts to damages in machines whose warranty has not expired, but they add a good dose of value to the relations with the customer.
  1. Satisfied customers = Loyalty = sales

In business-to-business (B2B) business opportunities are often wasted, as sales force still consider their customers only price-wise when making their buying decisions (which is definitely not true).

Purchasing officers, those in the technical area, logistics and in general, who must obtain information to supply their bosses, will be favorably disposed towards those companies that demonstrate seriousness and order in the handling of historical information of their contacts, anticipation to Their needs, quick solution to their requirements, permanent willingness of employees to surprise and commit to the response to those they do not know or cannot solve.

Actions to achieve results

These are the things that allow the development of a CRM to manage more efficiently the commercial management:

  • Keep the database up to date
  • Complete the information of each client with the largest number of variables that allow giving treatment in the singular.
  • Design procedures to ensure fast and effective responses to customer requirements.
  • Design a mechanism of segmentation of the customer base to evaluate them and design differentiated strategies of service, according to the segment to which each one belongs.
  • Undertake a program that allows converting each contact with the client, from any area of ​​the company, into additional income.

B2B Marketplace Platform

Excellence in the B2B marketplace platform service, with procedures close to the customer, an efficient, methodical and disciplined administration, allow the seller companies to generate additional income that more than pays for any investment.